Sunday, December 02, 2007

If you want a Toyota this badly ...

But if you want to avoid a Parking Ticket this is what you need ...

a Nissan Navarra with double yellows and a 'come and get me' number plate.

Parking Attendants for the past three weeks in Westminster refuse to ticket to the car.

We parked outside the Royal Courts to get a ticket ... to show that justice can be seen to be done ... but no-one would issue.
Come on Westminster ... what are you scared of?

Failing that your best option is to sign up to Parking Appeals and we will tell you what the authorities do not want you to know.

And for all the 220,000+ motorists who have been F1 NED in Bolton ... Christmas may well be coming early as a recent adjudication has gone in our favour proving that all tickets issued before they were changed in 2006 were non-compliant.

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