Sunday, August 24, 2008

Crashed Ka gets a parking ticket ...

... and the stock answer is 'Well, you can always appeal.'

Crashed car gets £50 parking ticket
August 14, 2008

A stunned motorist was dealt a double blow when she found her parked car had been shunted into a tree – then given a £50 parking ticket.
Joanne Billington's Ford Ka was hit by another motorist, then slapped with a ticket by an overzealous warden.
'I was absolutely devastated,' said the 27-year-old. 'I just couldn't believe what had happened. It was obvious the car had been crashed into but I still got a fine. It's unbelievable that the attendant had the gall to issue one.'

Amazingly, despite the front end of the car being in the bushes, the traffic warden claimed he thought it had been parked that way.

'Nobody parks their car like that,' added Ms Billington, from Halifax.

An Oldham Council spokesman said the penalty had since been written off. 'At the time of the incident the attendant did not know that the vehicle had been forced out of the bay.'


UK Voter said...

I don't know about the parking warden being overzealous, it just shows that these guys have no commonsense, or they are just into opportunism.

nick said...

I think he press his fuel pedal, not a brake.

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