Monday, September 15, 2008

Is this where your parking fine money goes?

The Parking 'Industry' as they now call themselves has become a lucrative business. Under the guise of 'keeping the streets clear and the traffic moving' parking enforcement has become a nice little earner for local councils. So much so that the 'industry' is now worth over £1.2 BILLION a year!

So what do your councils do with your £60 fine money for being a minute late back to your meter or for being an inch over a white line, or for dropping someone off and getting caught by CCTV?

Well, you could ask how much public money has been spent on your council's officials attending glitz and glamour functions such as the one described below which takes place at the Cafe Royale tonight ... for the launch of their Parking Awards Ceremony.

The Parking Review website states:

"For one night only, the Café Royal will be transformed into a glamorous 1940s Hollywood movie set for the launch party of the British Parking Awards 2009.The awards seek to identify and reward well-designed and managed parking facilities and the people behind them, and the standard of next year's entries promises to be higher than ever.

So, why not join us as we kick-off the industry's most prestigious celebration of all that is good in parking? With lively mix of glitz, glamour and clapper boards the evening offers a unique occasion to entertain clients, meet fellow parking professionals and to reward staff.

Tickets cost £75+VAT per person. Groups of 10 can attend for a discounted rate of £700 + VAT. Places are going fast so don't delay."

Parking Campaigner Neil Herron of states:

" Is it any wonder why the public has such a low opinion of parking enforcement. They have wised up to the fact that parking is now seen as an 'industry' where everyone connected, has a beneficial financial interest. This is why it is seen as a stealth tax on the motorist and this 'industry' is out of control, unregulated and unaccountable. The question has to be asked 'How many council officials will be present, who paid and how much has it cost the taxpayer?"

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