Saturday, January 31, 2009

NCP Services' Tim Cowen has had a busy week defending the indefensible

I must be careful however, 'cos last time I wrote about a parking matter involving Mr. Cowen and NCP Services he told me I had spelled 'indefensible' wrong so let's have a look at this week's excuses ... and we shall see who is going through a bad spell ...

The first one is ... Parking Ticket for Funeral Vicar reported by the BBC. Hearse outside a church. Photo of vicar on Blue Badge. Mourners telling the Civil Enforcement Officer it was the vicar's car and a funeral was taking place. Spokesman Tim Cowan said: "The CEO who issued the ticket is adamant that at no time did anyone explain the car was owned by a vicar conducting a funeral. "
Would like to know on a believability scale of 1 -10 as to whose word you would accept. The vicar and churchgoers or the NCP Services employee. To check out how Mr. Cowen responded when faced with similar accusations that his employees were less than honest click here

Second one is what you would call 'Bang to Rights Guv.'
Veteran parking campaigner, and fellow TalkSPORT guest Barrie Segal exposed illegal activity by a NCP Services Civil Enforcement Officer in the City of Westminster. The story was reported in the News of the World last Sunday and shows a CEO faking evidence. Great work by Barrie and the NOTW.
NCP Services spokesman Tim Cowen insisted wardens were not on commission, saying: “There is no incentive to us to issue these unenforceable tickets.”

It must be pointed out that the tickets are only 'unenforceable' when the motorist knows the law and catches the CEO out as in this case. If it is shown that this is common practice then there must be a Police investigation. All the money from fines issued at this location must be refunded immediately.


Anonymous said...

I have a picture of 2 traffic wardens who parked on a double yellow and then went onto issue a ticket onto a nearby car for not displaying a ticket. On confronting the wardens as per why they had parked on the double and hypocritically issued a ticket to an unsuspecting motorist, they answered " we are doing our job".

Anonymous said...

I just left a comment on your blog about 2 wardens parking on a double yellow line and later issuing ticket to a nearby car. I have pictures if you will like to print this on your blog. Too busy to report to the council. The alledged incident happened in mid Sept 2009 in Edmonton, North London.

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