Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Dangerous driving and anti-social behaviour in the West End ...

Cllr Chalkley states that CCTV cameras have been installed in areas with 'known problems with traffic and anti-social behaviour.'
Cllr. Chalkley then states 'motorists will think twice before driving dangerously or inconsiderately.'
So there are problems with anti-social behaviour and dangerous driving and Westminster intends to 'cure' this by issuing PCNs ... for parking contraventions!

Now that Mr. Chalkley has identified the 'reasons' for the use of CCTV he needs to produce a copy of the Crime and Disorder strategy required under Sections 5 and 6 of the Crime and Disorder Act 1998.
He will need to provide evidence of the anti-social behaviour and dangerous driving to which he refers and how his strategy will address this, along with details of the consultations he has held, or intends to hold, with the relevant Metropolitan Polce officers in order to not only reduce crime but also reduce the fear of crime.

100 extra CCTV cameras mean more parking fines in Westminster
David Williams,
Motoring Correspondent

The number of motorists fined for parking offences in central London will rise from today as 100 CCTV “spy” cameras are switched on.
The move follows a reprieve of nearly a year for drivers after the wireless cameras had to be switched off because they did not meet Department for Transport guidelines on image quality.
Westminster council has now fixed the £15 million digital network of cameras, increasing the pixellation, at a cost of £495,000 and had them re-certificated.

The software was also upgraded at an extra cost of £330,000.
The cameras go “live” today and the first parking fines will go out within days.

Officials say the cameras were responsible for around 20 per cent of parking fines in the borough prior to being switched off. Last year Westminster issued a total of 686,310 parking fines.
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Today the council published an internet map revealing the location of each camera and said there will be “Street Enforcement Camera” signs at street level.

The cameras are in the West End, Belgravia, Trafalgar Square, Knightsbridge, Oxford Street and on central London's main bridges.

The cameras were meant to have been back online more than six months ago but it took longer than expected to gain official certification for the upgraded devices, the council said.
Danny Chalkley, Westminster's cabinet member for city management, said: “We have sought a fairer approach to parking enforcement and are committed to getting it right first time round. CCTV is an effective tool in ensuring this happens.
“Cameras in Westminster are used in areas where there are known problems with traffic and anti-social behaviour and we hope that by highlighting the locations of these cameras motorists will think twice before driving dangerously or inconsiderately.”

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