Thursday, December 16, 2010

Carlisle Council quashes drive's car park fine after public outcry.

Carlisle council quashes driver's car park fine after public outcry
By Thom Kennedy - 14th December 2010
News & Star

A motorist whose parking ticket caused an outpouring of public support has had his penalty
notice cancelled.
Donald Austin parked his Jaguar in the space at the edge of the civic centre car park in Lowther Street, most of demand pay display tickets, and paid for his ticket
However, he was in a disc space, where he would have received limited free parking time had he placed the disc in the window. He received a parking ticket but refused to pay his fine, saying the ticket he bought contained all the relevant information. Now Ray Bloxham, the Carlisle City Council portfolio holder for local enviroment, has stepped in to cancel his fine.
Mr Austin said he had been stopped in the street by people supporting his cause after reading The proof of the pudding is that the ticket has been revoked," Mr Austin said. "There has been an awful lot of interest in this, i had several calls at home and i have been stopped in the street.
about it in the news. ""I was due to go on the radio to tell the story again, but i said i would like somebody to come from the city council to argue their case, and i would prove them wrong.
The next thing i heard was when i got a call back saying the ticket had been revoked."
The story had produced a great deal of interest when it appeared in the News & Star, and more than 50 web comments appeared underneath the story, the majority of which supported Mr Austins fight. It could lead to retraining for wardens to prevent tickets been issued to cars with pay and display tickets, which show the time it arrives in the space.

Mr Bloxham said: "I spoke to Mr Austin and apologised most profusley for the difficulties he has had, and i asked the director to see if the charge could be cancelled.
"In all fairness he was within the limit."

When asked about whether other motorists could expect tickets in similar situations, Mr Bloxham added: " I'm sure we will be having some retraining , possibly in people's attitude to that.
"If you come to one of these spaces and put a note in the window and by the time an attendant comes its over that time you would expect a fine, but if its within the time i wouldnt expect that."

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