Sunday, March 06, 2011

Bailiff Action Petition ...

The petition below has been launched by Dr Devaki Bhatta and is indicative now of the growing element of the British motoring public who are suffering at the hands of the lawless, unaccountable parking industry.

There will soon be a coming together of all the disparate groups including professionals in the industry who want to see a proper system of fair, transparent and legal parking enforcement in this country.

Decisions such as those from Judge Cottell merely serve to fan the flames of injustice.

Bailiff Action for Parking Tickets
To: Ministry of Justice

Unlawful private Bailiffs (contracted by local councils) are getting away with blackmail, extortion and plain theft through eliciting fear and distress to innocent people with the intention of forcing them to part with excessive amounts of money or risk paying a far greater penalty. For many people, finding their vehicle ‘seized’ or opening the door to a threatening bailiff is the first and only warning of any outstanding fine, prior to so-called ‘punishment’ being enacted.

The ‘procedural system’ involving the Traffc Enforcement Centre (TEC) via which ordinary, law-abiding citizens must file representations to get their case heard is so flawed and long-winded, that it is in favour of the authorities and allows Bailiffs to operate outside the edge of the law in the meantime. This works on the basis of maximum disruption to the individual concerned, so ultimately relies on the majority of individuals “giving in” to avoid months of distress and incurring further costs.

Politicians and judges are well aware of this, yet traffic enforcement policies are not high enough on anyone’s priority list for it to be investigated; as a result, the motorist continues to be “guilty until proven innocent”.

This petition demonstrates the overwhelming support for the fight against Bailiff action for motoring ‘offences’, with a view to getting someone at the Ministry of Justice to stand up and take note!


The Undersigned


The Bailiff Action for Parking Tickets Petition to Ministry of Justice was created by and written by Dr Devaki Bhatta (

This petition is hosted and can be signed here

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