Saturday, May 09, 2009

Clampers ... AA's Edmund King's letter to the Times pulls no punches


It is hardly “curious” that the AA has declined to join the British Parking Association board when we still have serious issues with its toothless code and some of its members (letter, May 4). We do not want to give credibility to a system we think will not work and do not want to sit alongside a clamping company that has caused anguish and unfair financial loss to some of our members.

The AA did not need to await an internal investigation into complaints about a BPA member when it was absolutely clear that the company had acted unfairly. Indeed, our pressure has already led to a refund in one case before the BPA has taken any action.

We are pleased that the Government is taking more action to regulate rogue clampers but it is clear that without an independent appeals system the same vested interest will dominate. If we cannot produce a fair system, then clamping on private land should be outlawed as “extortion and theft” as it was in Scotland in 1992.

Edmund King

President, Automobile Association

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