Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Had a parking ticket in Leeds in the last three years?

... then you must watch this.

BBC Look North broke this story exclusively tonight. We had supplied them with papers released under the Freedom of Information Act ... which contained damning revelations about issuing parking tickets illegally, Government Officers even referring to 'fraud or extortion.'

The implications for anyone receiving a ticket and being pursued by a council which does not have legal authority to do so could lead to further criminal complaints and it was considered that the content of the documents was so serious that, in the public interest, a formal complaint had to be made to West Yorkshire Police at 11.30am on Tuesday 22nd April 2008 by Neil Herron.

The BBC Look North programme can be seen here

Anyone who has had a Leeds City Council parking ticket (Penalty Charge Notice) in the last three years please e-mail us at and we will keep you up to date with developments.

Don't worry if you cannot remember exactly when or where you got it, the important thing is to get in touch as soon as possible.

We intend to pursue matters to ensure that everyone who has been fined unlawfully gets a refund and if there is any more evidence to pass to the Police then we will do so.

What do Scottish Councils do when they make a mistake with their parking enforcement regime?

They have to write off the money.

Get the law wrong and pay the price ... a message to councils everywhere.

The law means ... lines, signs(Traffic Signs Regulations and General Directions 2002), Traffic Orders (Road Traffic Regulation Act 1984 and the Local Authority Traffic Order Procedures 1996) and associated paperwork issued under the 1991 Road Traffic Act or the 2004 Traffic Management Act.

Employing council officers on salaries of £100k+ means you have NO EXCUSE for not understanding the law and abiding by it.

The Scotsman
23 April 2008

A LOCAL authority that is making £27 million cuts to services has had to write off more than £2.5 million in unpaid parking fines, it was revealed yesterday.

A confidential report said some 34,260 tickets issued in Aberdeen over four years had had to be scrapped because of a legal mistake.The fines cover the period since the city council took control of parking from the police in 2003, and they have been written off on the orders of the local authority's city chamberlain, Susan Cooper.

Councillors are being asked to write off £82,200 for 1,034 tickets from only seven people over the same four years.

The move comes after a court ruled all parking tickets should include the date of the offence and date the ticket was issued.

A High Court judge in England made the ruling after two successful appeals against Barnet Council.Aberdeen City Council tickets used to include only the date of the parking offence, but this was changed in October 2006.

Under Aberdeen City Council's rules, individual debts of up to £10,000 can be written off without prior approval of councillors.

The report states: "Parking office staff, on the basis of advice from the office of the city solicitor and local sheriff officers, now consider the outstanding penalty charge notices issued prior to 4 October, 2006 are unrecoverable."

Labour councillor Willie Young said: "This is atrocious news. This is public money that was owed to the council. More should have been done at the time to chase it up."

The city council's plans for cuts in services have led to widespread protests.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Camden Parking Fines invalid Evening Standard reports

0,000 parking fines 'are invalid because of rule changes'

David Williams,
Motoring Editor

Thousands of parking tickets should be scrapped because they were issued under the "wrong" regulations, campaigners said today.

About 10,000 fines were handed out in Camden after new rules came into effect on 31 March. On that day, parking attendants became "civil enforcement officers" and councils had to pass new Traffic Management Orders to make their work legal, according to campaign group ParkingAppeals. Instead, it claims, Camden continued to issue penalties under the old legislation.

The group's founder, Neil Herron, says the council issued faulty tickets for 18 days for parking meter and pay and display "offences" - and that unenforceable tickets are still being issued for yellow line offences. He is threatening to take Camden to court unless it overturns the fines.

A spokesman for Camden council said:

"We are confident we have acted lawfully. The power to make Traffic Management Orders is conferred by the Road Traffic Regulations Act 1984. Therefore the changes brought about by the Traffic Management Act 2004, which deal with the enforcement of parking contraventions, do not affect the validity of our existing Traffic Management Orders."

Had a Parking Ticket in Leeds? Looks like you will need to read this.

If you knew the restrictions were unlawful and Leeds City Council had deceived the Department for Transport to get the power to fine you ... and keep the money ... would you have paid?

If you appealed a ticket but had an appeal rejected ... you need to read on.

If you went to adjudication and lost an appeal ... you MUST read this.

Leeds City Council was granted Decriminalised Parking Enforcement powers on 1st March 2005.

This was only granted after Leeds reassured the Department for Transport that all its lines, sign sand Traffic Regulation Orders would be correct by the time DPE came into operation on 31st March 2005.

The Minister then made The Road Traffic (Permitted Parking Area Special Parking Area)(Metroploitan District of Leeds) Order 2005 and they were off to a 'fine 'start.

We visited Leeds some 5 weeks ago after serious concerns were raised over the validity of the restrictions ... see our report here
The BBC LOOK NORTH piece can be seen here Campaign targets parking bays

Well, one ticket was cancelled the other day but the one in the unlawfully marked bay they are intendng to pursue.

However, a damning dossier was received over the weekend ... following a Freedom of Information request to the Government Office of Yorkshire. Such was the content of the dossier that today I handed a copy over to the BBC in Leeds (who were mentioned in the report) and a formal complaint of fraud and misfeasance in public office was made against Leeds City Council to the West Yorkshire Police. They too were handed the dossier which contained some very serious allegations about Leeds ... from the Government Office and the Department for Transport.

Indeed, at one point Phil Jones (Director Economic Affairs GOYH) to Phil Heyes (e-mail 20.07.05) states:

“The recourse for the public is to complain to the Ombudsman about malpractice, or to the Police for what would in effect be attempted fraud or extortion.

We believe that there is a possibility or even probability that someone will make a formal complaint to the Police, the Police will have to investigate, and could well be forced into taking a LA to court.”

That was in 2005.

In 2007 ... in an e-mail communication between Phil Heyes (GOYH) and John Munns (DfT) 17.07.07 in response to a question from xxxxxxx xxxxxxx in DfT TMD asking whether the Leeds Traffic signing and road marking problems had been resolved PH states:

“ In simple terms – No – if anything it’s worse

He goes on in great deal to explain how Leeds City Council continue to enforce unlawful restrictions, in the full knowledge that they are non-compliant.

Meanwhile, anyone who has received a ticket in Leeds between 1st March 2005 and present simply e-mail us at title it 'LEEDS REFUNDS' and leave your contact details. You don't even need to recall precisely when you had your ticket. We will keep you fully informed of developments.

Monday, April 21, 2008

Camden Parking Ticket? It always hurts ... but we can heal the pain

If you have had a Penalty Charge Notice in Camden then you will be pleased to know that the majority of their restrictions are unenforceable.

If you had a ticket in a parking place between 31st March and 17th April 2008 ... there are even more problems for the council.

If you have had a ticket on a yellow line since then you will be pleased to know that the CPZs are incorrectly signed.

If you have had a yellow line ticket since 31st March 2008 then you need to click the image on the left to find out why you should appeals.

Knowledge is power ... this will be the best (and most satisfying) £9.99 you have ever spent.


Saturday, April 19, 2008

One Nation under CCTV ... Banksy

Last time it was incorrectly terminated double yellow lines ... this time CCTV.

Whose watching the watchers?
Your every movement tracked.
CCTV fines through the post weeks after an alleged contravention. How can you prove the CCTV was wrong and you were somewhere else?

Click on TicketM8 ... and we'll show you how you can have your own evidence of speed and location for your vehicle ... speed to 6 decimal places, location accurate to less than half a metre.

With fines at £120 a go for parking and moving traffic violations and three points and increased insurance costs as well as a £60 fine for speeding can you afford not to have TicketM8 fitted to your vehicle?

Who is ticketing in Camden? NCP or NCP Services?

Friday saw the team trying to get a Penalty Charge Notice in Camden on a single yellow line ... knowing that there are no lawful restrictions.

Within minutes a CEO appeared (location not given to protect his identity).

He was very friendly, and actually would make a great ambassador for the profession such was his understanding of the law and common sense.

When he was asked who he worked for he replied NCP Services.

"Nice jacket. When do you get your new one?" I said.

Then he realised. This is another Camden clanger. NCP Ltd. demerged in March 2007 and NCP Services Ltd. (a new legal entity) 'took over.'

Don't take our word for it. We have Tim Cowen, NCP Services Head of Communications to thank for that one. On October 24th 2007 he wrote (in response to a blog post)

You seem to be confused between NCP Services and NCP. They are two separate companies (used to be one and the same but were separated in March and are now separately owned).The hospital car parks in question are, I believe, run by NCP, so I would be obliged if you could remove the NCP Services logo (removed and replaced with NCPs).I work for NCP Services, which does not run any local services in Humberside.You spelt "indefensible" wrong as well (corrected ... been going through a bad spell of late).
Cheers.Tim Cowen
Director of Communications
NCP Services

BUT ... it isn't just the contracts with the councils that needed changing ... so did the uniforms.

Issuing Penalty Charge Notices in the name of a company that doesn't exist is indensible ... but is that why there is panic? Wonder how much that blunder is going to cost ... and I don't just mean the uniforms.

Have you been issued with a Penalty Charge Notice by NCP Ltd. between 13th March 2007 and present?
If so, you can join the site and we will keep you updated with developments.

We are aware of a 'degree of panic' let's say in some councils legal departments.

Meanwhile, to all you NCP Services Civil Enforcement Officers out there ... check your jackets before you go out, you never know who is watching ;-)

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Free Parking in Camden ... get your tickets cancelled

Over the next eight weeks Parking Appeals is going to focus on the illegal signs and lines in the London Borough of Camden.

The examples we give of unlawful signs are equally applicable across the whole of the country.

Remember ... Knowledge is power!

What we find outrageous is that the councils are fully aware of the legislation but rely on your lack of knowledge to enforce signs and lines they know to be illegal.

Parking Appeals shows you how to appeal tickets issued in locations like the ones shown.

Is it acceptable that they will cancel tickets for those who know the law but keep the money from those who don't?

As part of our series of reports we will reveal how Camden Council's total disregard for the law and reckless indifference to the plight of motorists and residents alike has led to tens of thousands of motorists being fined illegally.

More inside the site ... and details of how you can appeal successfully in every instance.

CCTV Fines in Yellow Box Junctions ... you want your money back?

Had a Penalty Charge Notice by CCTV in a yellow box junction

Are you aware that many of the yellow box junctions are unlawfully marked and as such any fines levied are recoverable in law?
In the coming months we will be highlighting which ones are illegal. If you subscribe to the site you can check the news as it breaks ready to claim refunds.
If you want to be kept informed either register on the site or e-mail us at with a blank e-mail with 'INFO' and we will send you a free monthly report as we expose which junctions are illegal.

New 'Average Speed Cameras?' ... TicketM8 gives you your own evidence

Once you have read this you will realise that EVERY driver will need FleetM8 Solo (for individual motorists) fitted to their vehicle in order to provide their own independent checking system to ensure that any allegation of speeding against them is fully supported with accurate and incontrovertible evidence.

Any inaccuracies or flawed evidence in the case against will be highlighted with your FleetM8 reports.

Wi-fi cameras to track drivers' average speed
David Williams,
Motoring Editor, Evening Standard

A trial of powerful new wi-fi speed cameras that track drivers along every inch of road has begun in London.

Thirty-four devices have been put up along a five-mile stretch of the A13 between Canning Town and the Gorsebrook interchange to the east of the capital.

In the three years to December 2006, there were four deaths and 62 serious injuries in accidents on that stretch of road.

Unlike Gatso cameras that film vehicles at just one point, the new devices communicate with each other enabling them to track a car as it moves.
Drivers travelling between any two cameras have their average speed automatically calculated by a computer. Those above the limit would be liable to a £60 fine and three points on their licence.

The London Safety Camera Partnership said today no one would be fined during the trial, which will continue over the summer before officials decide on implementation.
It could pave the way for "speed and-distance" cameras being rolled out across London, making it harder for drivers to "cheat" by braking when they see a camera.

Experts believe the system could be used to enforce a blanket 20mph speed limit in the capital, in line with Ken Livingstone's plans.
The Mayor wants London's councils to make 20mph the "default" speed in their areas because research suggests this would cut accident levels.
The partnership is also carrying out a 20mph trial using average-speed cameras in Mansfield Road , Camden.

A spokesman said: "It is essential we trial measures that could be used to enforce speed limits and reduce road accidents. At sites where speed cameras have been used there has been a 53 per cent reduction in the number of people killed or seriously injured."

Captain Gatso of Motorists Against Detection said: "If this goes live, any motorist who inadvertently strays over the speed limit for a moment will find themselves on the receiving end of a fine. It would lead to even more motorists losing their licences - and possibly their livelihood - for momentarily creeping over the limit."

But Richard Bourn of Campaign for Better Transport said: "Speed cameras have been proven to save lives."

To view FleetM8 Solo or FleetM8 click on the link below:

Free Parking in Rotherham ... but if you've had a ticket drop us a line

Rotherham … Friday 11th April 2008

After failing to get a Penalty Charge Notice in Sheffield we went up the road to Rotherham. First stop was the Town Hall to pick up copies of the Traffic Regulation Orders.

No sooner had F1 NED been parked in the echelon bays than a Civil Enforcement Officer appeared. However, he soon had a dilemma. After reading the ads on the side of the car and checking around for a camera crew he started logging the vehicle. I went over and introduced myself … and then pointed out the unlawful upright plates adjacent to the bay. I then took him to the pay and display meter and showed him why he couldn’t issue a PCN.

He was very pleasant and professional, (and if it wasn't for the fact that the council and the Traffic Penalty Tribunal benefited financially from his activities he would be an excellent ambassador for the town) and mentioned that he had seen me on TV a couple of weeks ago. I asked him to contact his boss to ensure that if he did issue then it had been a conscious decision by management and not just down to him. He had also written in his pocket book the reasons why it would be unlawful of him to issue in light of what he had been told.

No TROs in the Town Hall. We were told to go to the Civic Building. The CEO was still with the car.
“Have I got a ticket?” I asked.
“Sorry Sir, I’ve been told not to issue to you. It’ll cause too much paperwork.”
I bid him a good afternoon and traveled the half a mile or so to the Civic Building and parked in the pay and display car park ... free of charge.

The very helpful girls in Customer Service at the front desk then began the process of attempting to track down the TROs which were proving more elusive than the Holy Grail. I was directed to another building past the bus station and down the underpass. I walked and was told in reception that they were not there … they were in the Civic Building. Malcolm Beard, Head of Parking Services seemed very reluctant to engage in any dialogue.
So, back to Civic Building.

The three girls in Customer Service were slightly embarrassed. I pointed out that I hadn’t wanted to register in the Rotherham Keep Fit Initiative … getting the runaround, I simply wanted a copy of the TROs that they were relying on to enforce the restrictions … and remove hard-earned money from motorists pockets.

Finally, I was told Rotherham’s Solicitor, Richard Waller was on his way. I was then taken into his office. However, matters rapidly descended into farce. He was only able to produce the Off-Street Parking Places Order. Nothing was available for On-Street. I pointed out that these documents should be available for inspection by the public on demand. I was told that he would send a copy out.
I then asked for a copy of the only order he had been able to produce, offering to pay photocopying costs.
He said, “ No, you are not getting a copy.”

I was quite taken aback by this. “Excuse me? You are refusing to supply a copy of the Traffic Order to a member of the public? On what grounds?”

“ Yes. I am not going to give you are copy.”

At this point I asked that this be registered as a formal complaint and asked for the name of the Chief Executive.
I then asked him to write down the fact that the on-street pay and display bays were incorrectly marked with the upright plates failing to state the times of operation of the bays, and the meters had had the Penalty Charge amount blanked out, and he should inform Parking Services and the Chief Executive immediately that enforcement MUST be suspended in these locations immediately. As he was now aware that any attempt to enforce or issue PCNs would be done in the full knowledge that the restrictions were not lawful then that could leave council officers and the CEOs open to a complaint of misfeasance in public office.

I left and attempted to get a ticket. Driving along I passed a CEO. He got on his radio immediately. I pulled over and asked him if I went and parked up would he give me a ticket.
The answer was “No, we have been told not to issue to you,” but he went on to tell me that he would still issue to other vehicles.

So there you have it. If you know the law and the fact that Rotherham Council’s on-street pay and display restrictions are not lawful then you don’t get a ticket. If you don’t know the law then they will ticket you and take your money.

The Civil Enforcement Officers now have a moral and legal dilemma. Do they continue to issue where they know it is unlawful to do so ... whilst ignorance may have previously been a defence it most certainly isn't now. Check here for an insight into the possible consequences. Perhaps the unions should be informed.

Meanwhile, anyone with a Rotherham ticket e-mail and we will provide you with the defence.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Will there be a queue for this job?

This may seem an attractive proposition at this moment ... but will it in a week's time?

Job: Traffic Team Manager,

Posted: 15 Apr 2008
Reference: Please quote job ref: IRC2637
Location: England - Greater London
Industry: General
Contract: Permanent
Hours: Full Time
Salary: £48,534 - £52,660 p.a. inc.

Want to find more about the job click here

However, in light of what we are about to reveal it may well be that the salary scale will be adjusted to "Most of - all the tea in China p.a. inc."

New Banksy ... New CCTV era. Big Brother Britain

Respect again to Banksy for this one.

As we expose the abuses of CCTV being used to surveil Britain's motorists Banksy, under the nose of the CCTV camera, makes his powerful point.

As more and more 'civil' fines are being handed out to motorists...
- civil fines for parking
- civil fines for bus lane contraventions
- civil fines for entering yellow box junctions and so on, we are at tipping point ... and perhaps on the verge of 'civil war.'

Graffiti artist Banksy pulls off most audacious stunt to date - despite being watched by CCTV

14th April 2008
Daily Mail

Banksy pulled off an audacious stunt to produce what is believed to be his biggest work yet in central London.
The secretive graffiti artist managed to erect three storeys of scaffolding behind a security fence despite being watched by a CCTV camera.
Then, during darkness and hidden behind a sheet of polythene, he painted this comment on 'Big Brother' society. More ...

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

The camera never lies ... Well, Lambeth Council's does

Jonathan Greatorex has just been awarded costs and had his ticket overturned.
However, thousands of other motorists have been fined unlawfully at this location. If you are one of them simply email us at and mark it 'Salter's Hill' we will keep you fully informed of developments regarding restitution and refunds.

UK Motorist Proves to Judge that the Traffic Camera Lied

UK officials caught manipulating photographic evidence to issue traffic tickets worth millions.The spread of photo enforcement depends upon the truism that the camera never lies. A photograph presents a record of exactly what happened, free of the human problems of bias or misrecollection. This month, however, a UK motorist was exonerated after he proved conclusively that a traffic camera photograph issued in the London Borough of Lambeth did lie. Read the rest of the story here

A full copy of the ruling is available in a 390k PDF file at the source link below.Source: Adjudicator Response (Parking and Traffic Appeals Service, 4/1/2008)

If you had TicketM8 then you could prove your location with pinpoint accuracy at the time the photo was taken proving that you were not swerving to avoid another car.

Monday, April 14, 2008

Speed Cameras Do Lie ...

Police admit speed camera scandal
Reported by Steve Farrell
in the Motorcycle News
20 March 2008

Police have admitted dropping 120 speeding cases over allegations a camera operator “fixed” the speeds.
Read the original story here

A force insider had earlier told MCN an operator was accused of deliberately setting speed readings to make it appear motorists were travelling faster than they actually were.
Kent Police this afternoon issued a statement which included: “We've suspended a member of police staff on a procedural matter pending an internal investigation. This is standard practice while an inquiry is conducted.

"Kent Police is investigating the way in which speed camera equipment was used on a particular occasion. We cannot go into detail until enquiries have been completed. Speed enforcement by the Kent and Medway Safety Camera Partnership continues as normal…
“It is a procedural issue that relates to the use of the equipment. For guidance - the equipment cannot be 'fixed' to read a higher speed. This is an operative issue.“We have discontinued 120 cases as a precaution while we investigate.”

In November MCN exposed a leaked internal Kent Police email telling officers use of all laser speed guns had been suspended. A sergeant admitted people may have been wrongly convicted due to devices being used incorrectly.

The force has since refused to co-operate with all enquiries on the matter

TicketM8 ... The Intelligent Tracking System

How do you prove your speed if you suspect Police errors?

How do you prove your location and the location and length of time you parked if you receive a parking ticket through the post?

How do you prove you were the victim of a cloned vehicle?

The answer is in the world's most accurate vehicle tracking system brought to you by Parking Appeals. Accurate to <3>
Don't just take our word for it ...

Car Clone Victim?

BBC have contacted us looking for victims of car cloning.

Have you or someone you know been a victim or are you currently trying to appeal a ticket you know you never had?

If so, drop us a line at and we will assist with your appeal.

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Parking Appeals joins forces with inventor to launch TicketM8

Inventor takes parking fee crusade to Lords
Shields Gazette
10th April 2008
AN inventor followed in the footsteps of his Jarrow Marcher grandfather – and took a people's campaign to Westminster.
Dr Phillip Tann joined forces with regional website Parking
Appeals at its official launch, at the House of Lords.

Parking Appeals is recommending drivers use a highly accurate vehicle tracing device, designed by Dr Tann to boost their fight against new parking laws, introduced on March 31. Neil Herron, director of Parking Appeals, believes the new laws will lead to a huge rise in unfair fines.

Both Dr Tann and Mr Herron set off on their parking crusade from Jarrow, echoing the famous Jarrow March against unemployment of October 1936, when 200 jobless men walked from the town to Westminster.

Dr Tann, 45, who is relocating his business Autopoietic Systems, to St Bede's Chambers, Albert Road, Jarrow, said: "My grandfather, John Tann, was a Jarrow Marcher, and it does feel like I'm following in his footsteps by joining Parking Appeals in its fight."

That was all about getting a fair deal for the region – this is about getting a fair deal for the region's motorists.

"The new laws allow parking firms to use existing CCTV cameras, rather than wardens, to decide who should get parking tickets.But motorists will not know about the fines until a fortnight after the ticket has been issued through the post."

Mr Herron believes this will increase the number of fines, many of which will not be challenged by motorists, because of the time lapse.

He said: "Who can remember where they were two weeks ago, at a specific time and date?"
We felt Autopoietic's device, now launched as FleetM8 Solo was the solution, because a motorist's whereabouts are accurately recorded."If someone gets a fine, they can get the exact information from the database, to show where they were, and that can be used to prove the fine was wrong."

London Borough of Bromley Parking Blunder

If you have recently had a ticket in Bromley contact us at

Unfortunate Bromley Council have become the first council victim of the Traffic Management Act 2004.
Parking member Daren Pool received a ticket in Bromley. He captured the evidence with a series of photographs and checked on the site to see whether the signs and lines were correct. They were not. However, when he sent us his ticket it was apparent that not only would he get the PCN cancelled but he would also expose a council blunder.

We called the council and then followed up ..."Further to our telephone conversation today please confirm by return that this Penalty Charge Notice, and unlawful demand for money, will be withdrawn forthwith and you will comply with Mr. Pool's very reasonable, without prejudice, request for recompense to cover his distress, frustration and time in having to deal with such an unlawful demand arising from a very clear and unacceptable maladministration causing him injustice.

Please also confirm in writing the reasons stated by you in the telephone call;
" that this was an isolated incident by a single Parking Attendant who 'picked up the wrong PCNs' on that day."

You did not seem confident that this was 100% accurate and would but you did state that an apology would be offered and all monies refunded from all such tickets issued. I would be grateful for a full explanation in writing especially clarification whether this was one CEO on one day or a number of CEOs on a number of days. "

A Refereshing Change

They were not accurate, but give Bromley their due, they investigated immediately and found out that it wasn't an 'isolated incident' but 59 'incidents.'

It makes a refreshing change ... they cancelled the £4720 worth of tickets immediately and issued an apology.

Let us hope that all the other councils who are going to be caught out with PCN or other paperwork errors will do the decent thing. After all, its a lot less painless and the potential political and cost implications are nowhere near as bad.

Bromley's explanation and apology can be seen below ...

Tuesday, April 08, 2008

One for all you cab drivers ... 'Just a tap on the shoulder.'

A passenger in a taxi leaned over to ask the driver a question and tapped him on the shoulder.

The driver screamed, lost control of the cab, nearly hit a bus, drove up over the kerb, and stopped just inches from a large plate glass window.

For a few moments everything was silent in the cab, and then the still shaking driver said, 'I'm sorry, but you scared the daylights out of me.'

The frightened passenger apologised to the driver and said he didn't realize a mere tap on the shoulder could frighten him so much.

The driver replied, 'No, no, I'm sorry, it's entirely my fault. Today is my first day driving a cab...................

I've been driving a hearse for the last 25 years.'

Now there is something else to scare the living daylights out of Cab Drivers ... but this time there is no tap on the shoulder.

It is altogether more sinister and dangerous. Driver behaviour is being altered to the point of distraction ... watching for cameras, speed guns, Civil Enforcement Officers noting vehicle registration numbers.

And the consequences are severe ... £120 through the post. How many will you get?

You will dread going home at the end of a good day just in case there is a ghost in the post ... the stealth tax ticket lying on the mat. Do you pay or do you challenge.

Spread the word ... we have the solutions ...

The FleetM8 Solo device will prove exactly where you were and how long you were stopped for ...
click on the link for more information.

Any cab fitted with FleetM8 Solo just let us know and you will get free membership of Parking Appeals.

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