Sunday, March 02, 2008

Parking Appeals throws down the gauntlet to Leeds City Council

It was a busy few days ... Thursday NPAS hearing on a Bury PCN ( more to come later as the hearing was adjourned) and then filming with BBC in Leeds on Friday.

The filming started at a location where the upright plate (left) indicated the distance to the Pay and Display meter in metres. As has been pointed out before, I am considered a Luddite when it comes to metric and therefore would not be able to determine whether the meter was but seconds away or whether the trek would require a packed lunch and sturdy boots. If the sign had been in imperial as the law requires then it would not have been a problem.

The fact that the sign is in metric and therefore not prescribed in law renders the restriction unenforceable.
The cameraman and reporter struck lucky with the Parking Attendant turning up and issuing within minutes of their arrival.

Later we managed to get a PCN in Cookridge Street in a non-compliant 'hybrid' and therefore unlawful bay.

The BBC LOOK NORTH piece can be seen here Campaign targets parking bays
So, two PCNs to appeal ... let's see how far Leeds City Council will go with this. Will they cancel and confirm that the restrictions are not correctly signed or will they challenge my appeals?
How many skeletons will be in their cupboards?

Tragedy of the day was the fact that the back axle gave up as I was leaving and I got as far as the National Auto Centre where the shake of the head and sharp intake of breath (mechanic speak for 'you ain't goin' nowhere') meant that signs were not good ... and I ended up being 'recovered' back home. Thanks goes to the AA and their driver for their prompt and faultless action in getting me home in time for a Friday night out with the boys.

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