Sunday, March 30, 2008

Parking Wars on ITV's 'Tonight' programme

Friday night saw Parking Appeals' Neil Herron on the 'Tonight' Parking Wars Special.

Minister Rosie Winterton attempted to justify the new Traffic Management Act with claims that it would be 'fairer.'

The evidence is heavily stacked against ...

She does make a claim that the councils have had since 2005 to get their act together ... so there can be no excuses. For once I have a degree of sympathy with the councils ... the Guidance to the legislation only came out last week, hence the panic.

We will be revealing more soon but it looks like paperwork is not all ready ... and to those council officers feeding us the information about how chaotic things are and how paperwork is not ready, Traffic Orders are not all prepared and TMA compliant, keep the information coming. One day when the bubble completely bursts and this whole scam is exposed for exactly what it is ... licensed highway robbery, there will be many a court filled with evidence of fraud and malpractice.

To those councils who think that they can continue to issue Penalty Charge Notices to motorists in the full knowledge that lines, signs and Traffic Orders are not correct or paperwork is not compliant just click here ... its a copy of the 2006 Fraud Act. No excuses ... you have been warned.

If you missed it or want to watch again ... VIEW THE ITV CLIP HERE

Parking Wars: Watch now
Jonathan Maitland investigates new laws that could lead to innocent drivers being falsely accused of crimes

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