Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Motorists receiving a parking fine now on a par with shoplifters

Has this country finally gone mad?

They are saying that a shoplifter should be treated in the same way as a motorist who has outstayed his welcome at a parking meter.

The regime of on-the-spot fines typically given to shoplifters who steal goods under the value of £200 will continue. They have to pay £80, equivalent to some parking fines.

What sort of message does this send out to petty criminals?

As for motorists, you are an easy target guys and easily caught ... because you can be identified by your vehicle registration number. Plus, you are more likely to pay, and if you don't you have a vehicle which can be taken in lieu of the fine.

Are you happy that the status of a motorist falling foul of a parking restriction in Brown's Britian is equivalent to a shoplifter?

The full story can be read in today's Daily Mail here

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