Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Had a ticket here in Leeds?

This was where the car was parked whilst attending the adjudication of Mr. David Flasher.
The decision which is in the Key Decisions section on the website shows that Leeds City Council's Notices of Rejection are invalid.
If you have been pursued by bailiffs or have had an appeal rejected you can now revisit your case.
Meanwhile, the PCN issued at this location has been cancelled ... along with the admission that the restriction is not signed in accordance with regulations. Therefore, until it is there is no Traffic Regulation Order in force ... and therefore any monies which the council has had must be refunded.
Dear Mr Herron
Traffic Management Act 2004
Penalty Charge Notice (PCN): LS32102873
Date of Issue: 11/06/2008
Location of Contravention: BRITANNIA STREET - CENTRAL
Nature of Contravention: 06 WITHOUT PAYING CHG OR DISP VOUCHER
Thank you for your e-mail dated the 17 June 2008 and letter which we received the 20 June 2008 in regard to the above PCN.
The Civil Enforcement Officer (CEO) issued the PCN because your vehicle was parked in a pay and display bay without displaying a fee ticket.
I have noted your comments and have checked the CEO’s pocket book notes which state the sign advising the restriction was on lamppost number 3 approximately 4 yards to the rear of your vehicle on the opposite side of the road therefore does not comply with regulations
I can confirm the PCN has been cancelled.
Thank you for bringing this information to our attention.
Yours sincerely
Anne Goldthorpe Appeals Officer

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Anonymous said...

Leeds have a covert policy of capitalising on parking space in many diverse ways.
Camparing two regions in the Pudsey area where school traffic is desperate for parking space, witness the contradictions of reasons for two new traffic orders.

Residents near Grangefield school have now been co erced into buying parking paremits just to park outside their homes, while on Woodhall near Priesthorpe, residents are refusing to be bludgeoned into buying parking permits, and so are being forced to accept Highways deliberately diverting dangerous levels of school traffic onto their streets, to access Priesthorpe school via an old ginnel right of way,UNTIL THEY DO ACCEPT PARKING PERMITS

There's certainly a lot of money to be made fomr Highways orders and regulations....

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