Thursday, July 24, 2008

What's the difference between private and council highway robbery?

The woman on the left was jailed for 'blackmailing' motorists.

What's the difference between her and council officers who are aware that their council have no Traffic Orders in force, or that their signs and lines are illegal or who know they are enforcing illegal paperwork?

Taking money off motorists by purporting to have legal authority to do so ... yet knowing that they haven't whilst at the same time drawing handsome salaries and pensions ... answers please because I am struggling to find the difference.

The continued 'the law doesn't apply to us mentality' from some councils is set to bring the rest into disrepute ... but will eventually see some council officers go the same way as the woman below.

Car clamping woman sent to jail

Rebecca Meakin was found guilty last month
A woman who ran a car clamping firm which took thousands of pounds from drivers has been jailed for four years.

Rebecca Meakin, of Millers Vale, Heath Hayes, Staffordshire, was convicted of blackmail by charging motorists up to £300 to retrieve their vehicles.

Her company, Rowencroft Immobilisers, worked at car parks in Cannock and Worcester, Stafford Crown Court heard.

Judge Simon Tonking said regulation of the UK clamping industry was "far from rigorous".

He said: "The boundaries between what is lawful and unlawful are unclear.
"It is a most unsatisfactory state of affairs."

Her co-defendant Cameron Khan was jailed for four-and-a-half years for a number of charges, including conspiracy to blackmail.

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