Saturday, February 26, 2011

Justice must be seen to be done ... and if it isn't the people will become restless

We have just witnessed an outrageous case of injustice in Exeter Crown Court when pensioner Peter Harry, a victim of wilful misconduct saw the accused, Geoff Unwin, an Exeter Parking Services Team Leader given an absolute discharge after pleading guilty to the charge which stemmed from the forging of evidence documents.

This sends a message out to the British motoring public that whilst you will be punished with fines and penalties for the most minor and trivial of contraventions (such as parking slightly outside a bay or being a minute late back to a meter) and pursued relentlessly, council officers who forge documents to allow their council to fill its parking fines coffers will be treated so leniently that it brings the whole justice system into disrepute.

Judge Graham Cottle however has been in the press before ...Reported in the Times on October 18, 2006 the headline was ...

Former judge jailed for telling undercover reporter to lie

Judge Graham Cottle told Lancaster that the criminal justice system in this country was held up as a model of fairness and good practice, and in order to maintain that reputation it was of paramount importance that professionals involved in the system behaved at all times with honesty and integrity.
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The decision at Exeter Crown Court still has those who witnessed the Judge's words stunned with disbelief.

May I humbly suggest that this injustice perpetrated on the VICTIM Peter Harry, one which the CPS regard as a very serious matter indeed, is now just the beginning rather than the end of the matter?

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Neil the time has come to stop talking in cliché'd platitudes, we are all ARabs now!

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