Monday, February 07, 2011

Parking 'Industry' now aware of the Court of Appeal ruling

No excuses for Parking Managers or adjudicators now. The High Court (Moss v KPMG) and the Court of Appeal has clearly spelled out the requirements for signs to comply with TSRGD 2002.

I am led to believe that some Adjudicators are being a bit naughty still citing the decision of Justice Keith when appellants raise signing matters as a defence. Some parking departments also need to check their rejection letters as this matter may come with a nasty sting in the tail ... especially if they are aware of the non-compliance.

A further word of warning ... 'substantial compliance' fell a long time ago and perhaps some adjudicators should read the Ouseley decision in Moss v KPMG before attempting to elevate themselves powers to which they are not entitled.

To the people who are determined to see that justice prevails and the rotten apples exposed ... keep the information coming.

Herron wins permission to appeal in Sunderland CPZ case
Parking Review

Neil HerronParking campaigner Neil Herron has been granted permission to appeal against a High Court ruling regarding Sunderland's controlled parking zone (CPZ).

At the hearing last year Justice Bean dismissed Herron’s contention that a parking adjudicator had “erred in law” in his decision regarding the validity of the CPZ (PR June 2009).

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