Monday, June 12, 2006

Lukha vs Aylesbury Vale District Council 'Notice of Rejection.'

The case below will have massive ramifications nationally for all local authorities operating Decriminalised Parking Enforcement.
It appears that most local authorities have followed the Department for Transport 'Notice of Rejection' which appears to be wrong.
There is a difference between the 'date of notice' and the 'date of service of the notice,' and the legislation refers to the latter but most local authorities mistakenly use the former.

If you have an appeal pending to NPAS or PATAS then check the Notice of Rejection contained in your evidence.
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Anonymous said...

It seems the penny has finally dropped for Caroline Sheppard. I notice also she says that Mrs. Lukha has no obligation to pay a penalty charge demanded on a non-compliant notice. This moves things on as previous adjudicators have found it necessary for a motorist to challenge a defective notice before it can be struck down. So all those thousands of defective PCNs didn't need paying either. Thank you Ms. Sheppard.

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