Monday, August 21, 2006

Anyone got an Ipswich Parking Ticket?

Let us hope that Ipswich's PCNs are fully compliant with the 1991 Road Traffic Act. If not it could be potentially very embarassing.
Spread the word that we need a current Ipswich PCN.

Ipswich Evening Star
Bailiffs track down parking fine drivers
18 August 2006

BAILIFFS are set to hunt down close to 700 motorists who have failed to cough up parking fines since last October, The Evening Star can reveal.

A total of 691 motorists, around 350 living in Ipswich, will be tracked down in the coming weeks once Ipswich Borough Council has finalised contracts with money retrieval firms.

The huge blitz has come about because arrangements for final collection action has taken time to sort out since the council took over parking enforcement duties from police in October.
Parking services manager Richard Walker said:
“The first two or three months worth of cases are being dealt with in one big batch.“We have got the bailiffs in place and are just waiting on the contracts.“The people involved are either naughty offenders or those who think if they don't pay the whole process will go away.”

Mr Walker said around half the motorists that will have their details passed on to bailiffs come from the Ipswich area with the remainder coming from surrounding towns and across the country.Three separate bailiff firms are set to be awarded collection contracts. One firm will deal with collections in the Ipswich area with the other two splitting the remaining workload alphabetically based on the surnames of debtors. Mr Walker said that once the initial collections were out the way the council expects to hand on the details of around 300 non-payers a month to bailiffs.
This represents around 20 per cent of the average 1,500 people a month who receive parking tickets in Ipswich.

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