Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Finally back after the Christmas Break ...

...and what a break it was.
Stitches removed and on crutches for another 4 weeks at least.

And my first encounter of the New Year was with another jobsworth.

This time it was an IKEA delivery. I have just completed a development and one of the flats was to be done as the show flat, so I hopped round IKEA on Saturday and ordered beds, wardrobes and other items. Delivery for this morning. So far so good.

"Where's it to go mate" one of the two from the van said.

"In the upstairs flat. The settees, and all the single bedroom stuff can be left on the first floor, and the double bed stuff just up the next flight of stairs."

"Can't do that mate," came the response. "One room only."

"Normally it wouldn't have been a problem but as you can see I am going to have a little trouble getting a double bed and a wardrobe up to the bedroom."

"Sorry. It's in your terms and conditions. One room only."

"Ok. Not a problem. I'll get the dust sheets out so that the carpet doesn't get dirty."

Everything was lifted up the first flight of stairs.

"Just sign there," said the jobsworth.

"Can you not just lift the double bed and wardrobes up to the next floor? "

The young lad had already remarked that it was his first day.

"No, we only get 15 minutes for every delivery. Your terms and conditions say one room and that is all we can do."

"Sorry, it's not the right room. Just a minute and I'll move the dust sheets so you can take everything up to the bedroom on the next floor. It'll be easier for me to slide stuff down the stairs rather than carry it up."

There was a moment's contemplation.

"Do you just want the bed and wardrobes taking up?"

"Yes please."

Job done. There was no need for it. No need to create the potential for aggravation but it was a little jobsworth's attempt at asserting his authority, perhaps to establish the pecking order for his new starter.

The young lad just shook his head. He got the tip while the jobsworth wasn't looking ;-)

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