Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Hairdresser accused of attacking NCP Services Parking Attendant

Hairdresser and Chairman of Kilburn's Business Association, Zulfi Amade recounted an horrific tale last night at a meeting of the London Motorists Action Group chaired by Lord Lucas.

Actor Tom Conti and AA's Edmund King were amongst the group that sat in stunned silence as Zulfi detailed how he had been pinned to a wall by NCP Services' Parking Attendants and subsequently arrested and accused of assault. He was held in cells for 5 hours just before Christmas.

He had spotted a Parking Attendant issuing a Penalty Charge Notice to a car belonging to a waitress in a restaurant adjacent to his shop and had asked the PA not to ticket while he fetched the waitress. She agreed but while he was away ticketed the car.

The Parking Attendant accused him of attacking her and he was held by three more who turned up at the scene and later arrested by the Police after the accusations by the NCP Services attendant.

The full shocking story was reported here in the Ham and High.

However, the Police have since dropped all charges.

An NCP Services spokesman said " Camden Police have confirmed to us that they feel our Parking Attendants behaved appropriately by reporting the incident but that due to the nature of the evidence they were able to gather, which came down to differing individual views of the incident, they have not on this occasion proceeded with criminal charges."

Oh really. ' Differing individual views?'

Was the 'differing individual view' that the Parking Attendant was NOT assaulted at all then?

The month before Tim Cowen of NCP had said: "This was a frightening incident after which a female parking attendant received a deep cut to her face and was in hospital until late evening."

Now that all charges have been dropped Mr. Amade intends to initiate legal action after witnesses, including a solicitor, corroborated his story.

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Alan Douglas said...

I too was locked up by Surrey police for 7 hours after I had returned an unwanted parking ticket to a warden. On placing it on her arm - would have put in her hand if it had not been turned down, she said "You have assaulted me", and 2 police cars with 3 cops sirened after me through heavy traffic. I realised this only when I pulled up at my next stop and they also stopped.

I was accused of assult, plus a minor charge. Spent 7 hours without even a drink in Woking nick. I was promised a lawyer for free on legal aid, whom I did not manage to meet until the case was already waiting in court. She indicated to me that I should accept the minor charge as they were willing to drop the assault one.

NEVER trust to free lawyers. They are part of the system to lull you into a totally false sense of security, with a belief that "British Justice" will prevail. Ha.

Realise prosecutors give a minor additional charge so they can still get a "result" when their ludicrous main charge has to be dropped. As a result of all this I had a several hundred pound fine effectively "for shouting in the street" and a criminal record. And my DNA is now checked against rape cases in Aberdeen and everywhere else.

Alan Douglas

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