Friday, May 09, 2008

Motorist to sue Lambeth Council over successful CCTV case



Following the ruling on 28th March in relation to Jonathan Greatorex and his successful appeal in the infamous Salters Hill case, PaTAS adjudicator Joanne Oxlade ordered that Lambeth Council pay Mr Greatorex costs, the amount of £176.80 and further ordered that Lambeth pay this amount to Mr Greatorex within 28 days.

Lambeth Council have failed to pay the amount on time and despite reminders by Mr Greatorex, he was left with no other alternative than to issue proceedings via the County Court today (8th May 2008) in order to enforce the debt.

In a statement, Mr Greatorex said, "More than 28 days have now passed since Lambeth were ordered to pay me costs in relation to this case and surprise, surprise, they have failed to do so!
Despite contacting them on several occasions via letter and telephone, I have been left with no alternative other than to issue proceedings in the County Court against them to get them to pay their debt.Their arrogance throughout this whole matter has been just beyond belief! Yet again, they continue to waste taxpayers money through either their own incompetence or sheer bloody-mindedness."
Note to Editors:
Jonathan Greatorex,
telephone: 07958 236045

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Trevor R Nunn said...

I remember a case in which an individual was given possession of the town hall until the debt was paid. He could always attempt to seize the Chief Executives desk until the debt is paid. Councils are not above they law even if some think they are.

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