Thursday, May 29, 2008

How one missing sign could cost a council thousands

This one is at St Anns Well Road, Nottingham ... trouble for the council is that there should be a sign on BOTH sides of the road.

Its omission invalidates the Controlled Parking Zone which covers the City Centre.

If the council claims that this is a 'triviality' then at what point does an error by a motorist cease to be a triviality ... 5 mins late back after paying for an hour, 10 mins?

Sorry guys ... you know the law and that's what your highways engineers get £30k+ pa salaries for and your directors and solicitors £100k+.

You get the law wrong and you cannot have the money and cannot keep it in your accounts.
...and this one is in Wigan ... law says white, this is not quite white. Again ... this is not the law therefore cannot be enforced.

Now the penny is starting to drop ... 'unlawfully derived income' ... 'unjust enrichment' ... and for all you councils who have enforced restrictions that you knew were unlawful .... you best get your lawyers checking out the 2006 Fraud Act because there are going to be some seriously angry motorists out there especially those who have had cars seized or goods taken.

Confession they say is good for the soul ... so to all our whistleblowers ... keep those documents coming. Police forces across the country are going to have a busy time as are the District Auditors, complaints officers and parking services.

To all those who have been pursued by bailiffs and have had goods seized ... we have a wealth of information of non-compliant signs, lines and illegal paperwork ... and will tell you exactly how to begin the process.

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Anonymous said...

i think you are doing really well uncle neil.
but we are doing better in rhodes pastida having a great time.

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