Monday, June 02, 2008

BBC Reports on refunds for Yorkshire motorists

Another piece by the BBC's Look North on 30th May 2008, this time highlighting how many Yorkshire councils have been fining people illegally ... setting up a potential windfall for motorists bigger than the bank charges fiasco.

Expert explains parking law

Motoring lawyer Oliver Mishcon explains what effects the government advice about illegal parking fines could have.

Illegal parking fines row

The government says councils should consider giving back money collected from illegal parking fines.

This story was initially covered nationally on BBC breakfast and is now slowly gathering momentum across the regions.
How much money has your council had illegally?

How many signs and lines do not comply with the law in your area?

Do you work for a council who is trying to cover this up? If so, let us know.

All communications are treated in the strictest confidence
It's only a matter of time before the very reluctant Police forces (who see no criminality in 'councils' deceiving the public) across the land are forced to investigate what has become the biggest highway robbery since Dick Turpin rode Black Bess.
Perhaps someone so incensed with the injustice of it all will say enough is enough or, have you paid a ticket you believe was issued in an unlawfully marked rea that the council knew was illegal?
Drop us a line...

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