Saturday, June 14, 2008

Is Robin Hood alive and well in Nottingham...

... getting money back for the poor, beleaguered motorist?

This time it was in the form of Neil Herron and Parking Appeals assisting Nottingham solicitor Clive Burton with a few of his PCNs.

They hit the streets of Nottingham, just hours after the piece highlighting Parking Appeal's Alan Bangert's success in Sheffield, to highlight how illegal the restrictions were in Robin Hood's old stamping ground.

However, Nottingham's problem is far greater than their admission that 'refunds will only be made on the yellow lines identified as being non-compliant.'

Just so happens that all the signs in the pay and display bays also fall.

More to be revealed but in the meantime, watch the BBC piece here and read the Restitution Section on the Parking front page.

And it's not just parking where serious errors occur...

Refund after speed fine error
About 130 motorists have been offered speed fine refunds because of an administrative error.
15 Jan 2008

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