Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Have you had a Parking Ticket in the last 6 years?


Top marks to Sheffield Council for 'doing the right thing.' Alan Bangert, the motorist who opened the tram gates intends to donate his refund to local charity Blue Bell Woods Children's Hospice and we hope that other motorists in Sheffield also share some of their good fortune with a local good cause.

This is now going to become an issue for every council in the country ... and EVERY motorist who has even had a parking ticket.
We will shortly reveal a restitution package which will help you recover all the monies you have ever paid in unlawful parking fines.

Want to know more? Simply e-mail us at and title it 'RESTITUTION' or sign up and become part of the campaign.

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Anonymous said...


That's a fantastic achievement. Can we now have a crack at getting restitution for all those illegally undated 'PCN's'?

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