Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Sheffield City Council ... the first domino

On Sunday we dropped a line to Sheffield City Council warning that we were preparing legal action against them over their unlawfully signed tram gates.

Local man Alan Bangert had recently won a NPAS adjudication where it was ruled that the signs at the Hillsborough tram gate were misleading and confusing.

We met with the local press yeterday to announce that we were preparing legal action for restitution for the 13,353 motorists unlawfully fines (amounting to more than £320,000) but as we did we were contacted by Paul Scriven (Lib Dem leader of the council ... the Lib Dems had taken over from Labour at last month's elections) who confirmed that "the council were going to do the decent thing and refund all motorists."

The story is top news story on BBC Breakfast this morning after being revealed exclusively on BBC Look North by Alan Whitehouse last night.

Congratulations to the Lib Dem council for doing the decent thing. This is the first domino to topple ... now the others have two choices ... follow Sheffield's lead or end up in court.

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