Friday, June 13, 2008

Comedian Dave Spikey helps car thieves ... you couldn't make it up!

In Sunderland car thieves used to have to wait in the cold and then take a chance as to which car contained valuables. Loitering in the shadows, shivering chance to be spotted and having to strike at random.
Now thanks to a forward thinking Sunderland City Council thieves can lie in bed in their bedsits adjacent to the city centre car park ... and wait until Dave Spikey's audible 'valuables waiting' alarm call wakes them from their slumber.
They can simply look out of the window and see who has a satellite tracking system or valuables because they are the ones who are hiding it in their boot.

Dave 'Friend of the car thief' Spikey now announces to the Sunderland criminal fraternity when the easy pickings have arrived.
Don't believe it? Watch it here.

No need to smash glass and leave an unsightly mess, simply jemmy the boot and straight to the pub.
Nice one Sunderland!

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Ian said...

The voice is a recording that is only activated as people move past. So its not pointing out individuals or saying "that guy has things in his boot", it just advises people to move things out of sight. I’m not sure what point this blog post is for apart from just complaining and being bloody minded.

I live on Gray Road, when I walk the dog up and down, I see hand bags and sat nav’s every day in cars on full display. If this helps stop crime, I can only see it being positive. A thief isn’t going to go into a car park and pry open every boot hoping somebody has more than a car jack in there. It is common knowledge many people hide stereo fascia’s under seats and bags in the boot. So if its not on display, then its “Out of sight, out of mind”

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