Sunday, January 03, 2010

Bill of Rights Pandora's Box set to be re-opened

This is most certainly going to re-open the conflict between the Bill of Rights 1689, parking fines and the Metric Martyrs judgment.
If, as is claimed, the Bill of Rights 1689 is still in force and contains enshrined constitutional provisions, then we need to re-examine this section:
That all grants and promises of fines and forfeitures of particular persons before
conviction are illegal and void;

What flows from this is that EVERY decriminalised parking fine imposed by a council is illegal and void as it is a fine which has not been imposed by the courts. Robin Decrittenden argued this before Justice Collins but was told that a parking ticket was not a fine it was a civil responsibility and that the Bill of Rights had been impliedly repealed by later statutes thereby conflicting with the Metric Martyrs Judgment which ruled certain acts had constitutional significance.
The Council had also 'no contested' the case therefore there was technically no fine or forfeiture.

Perhaps it is time for Mr. Decrittenden to get another parking ticket.

MPs claim they are above the law in expenses fraud case
Claire Newell, Jonathan Calvert, Jonathan Oliver
Sunday Times January 3, 2010

Jim Devine is alleged to have submitted a claim using a receipt bearing a bogus VAT number
Three Labour MPs being investigated for expenses fraud are arguing that they should not be prosecuted because their suspect claims are covered by parliamentary privilege.

The MPs have hired legal experts to assert that the 1689 Bill of Rights protects them from prosecution.

The lawyers are understood to have sent detailed submissions to police and prosecutors which contend that the House of Commons rule book on expenses is “privileged” and cannot be subject to scrutiny by the courts. More ...

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Anonymous said...

But the Bill of Rights refers to "fines and forfitures" so in logic the Judge was wrong anyway, not that that is a surprise. Our judges seem to be picked from those who couldn't get a job stacking shelves at Tesco.


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