Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Chief Adjudicator writes to councils advising them that their PCNs were illegal

Yet it seems no-one is prepared to disclose which councils were written to and why they ignored the advice from the Chief Adjudicator.
As the Glenn Dickinson v The Parking Adjudicator case awaits a date before the courts one has to ask why the 'independent and impartial' Chief Adjudicator only wrote to the councils and not motorists with pending PCNs. Is that 'independent and impartial?

Caroline Sheppard (left) is the Chief Adjudicator for the Traffic Penalty Tribunal, and, it has been revealed, is an employee of Manchester City Council.

Lord Adonis is unable to provide the answer to Lord Lucas' question as to what was written and to whom as is revealed by the Parliamentary Question below.

As matters develop we expect that the press and media take a closer look at which councils benefited financially by continuing to issue PCNs that they knew to be illegal and contrary to the High Court ruling.

What also needs bearing in mind is that the Traffic Penalty Tribunal receive 60p from each PCN issued.
Despite the Daily Telegraph reporting nearly two years ago no-one is prepared to disclose the list or the content of the letter. Time for someone to start digging.

Illegal parking fines cost drivers millions
Motorists have paid millions of pounds in illegal parking fines, The Telegraph has learned.
By David Millward,
Transport Editor
30 May 2008

At least 80 councils across the country continued to take money from drivers for 16 months even though they had been told by the national parking adjudicator that their tickets did not comply with the law.
Others have been victims of local authorities who have enforced fines even though their road markings were illegal and, in some cases, where parking bays were narrower than the width of a family car. More ...

Last night, the Department for Transport said councils should "seriously consider" contacting motorists and reimbursing any fines that were illegally imposed.

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