Monday, January 25, 2010

Westminster propose increase in parking charges

It seems as that there is a shortfall in Westminster and money needs to be found from somewhere. However, parking enforcement cannot be used to raise revenue.

It is anticipated that there will be some very serious resistance to the move to extract more and more money from motorists and there seems to be no long-term planning or logic behind this decision which will be fiercely resisted by residents, businesses, commercial operators and individual motorists.

Councillor Chalkley seems to be throwing down many gauntlets to many groups but instead of courting public support is simply ensuring a 'gathering of the clans' for one almighty public airing of Westminster's Parking Endforcement Policy past, present and future.

Let's hope there are no dancing skeletons!

BBC Online report here


Charlie said...

What makes it all the more sour is the fact that he goes on television and spouts out rubbish that EVERYONE knows is untrue.

These people have been shown in the past to make a mockery of the consultation process and attempt to sidestep every question that comes their way over justification/due process/genuine income or expenditure. They come across as fundamentally dishonest and should be shown up for the two faced excuse changing arrogant and swindling creeps that they are. Bring it on.

Anonymous said...

Westminster to scrap free overnight parking after 6.30 pm? The mentioned 22 million shortfall I believe is the loss that WCC made by putting council tax payers money in to Icelandic banks. Surely the incompetent people who made this decision should pay, not London motorists? It will cost Theatres £70m a year in lost revenue, whilst apparently making the Council £7m annually. Not that it matters much to councilors, who apparently park around Westminster with free tax payer funded Westminster wide parking permits. Use a freedom of information demand to ask them about that. Talk about snouts in the trough! I think people need to remind these guys THEY WORK FOR US, not the other way round. In the light of the expenses scandal I wonder what other freebies these people enjoy? And Mr Cameron, ever wonder why you're not further ahead in the polls even in London? It's because of fools like WCC spouting this before an election.

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