Monday, July 19, 2010

British drivers paying £10bn in fines

11th July 2010

Britain's drivers pay £10billion in road fines over their lifetime, a survey shows.
The 33.5 million motorists fork out an average £283each in penalties for speeding, parking fines and other minor offences over 50 years.
Londoners rack up the highest lifetime tally - £680 compared to just £90 for residents in Northern Ireland, who pay the least.
A total of 34 per cent of Britain's drivers have been fined for speeding at least once and seven per cent have been caught three or more times, revealed the survey of 1,017 motorists for esure car insurance.
Thirty-eight per cent have been handed at least one parking fine and seven per cemt have had three or more tickets.
Nationally, men are hit with £344 in fines during their driving careers compared to just £210 for women.
"Owning and running a car in the UK can be very costly, particularly with rising fuel costs. Avoidable charges for driving offences only make this more expensive," said Mike Pickard, esure's head of risk and underwriting.
"Making changes to your driving habits such as slowing down and driving more carefully will not only help make Britain's roads safer but also leave you better off financially."

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british driver have a lot of money..they didn't care and not a big problem to pay that fine..
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