Thursday, July 22, 2010

Workers paint lines UNDER car

The Sun
By Guy Patrick
20th July 2010

A motorist was stunned when workmen hoisted her parked car off a street, painted double yellow lines beneath it - then replaced it complete with a PARKING TICKET.

Accountant Sally Baker, 39, left her Peugeot 206 at the side of a road for three hours after checking there were no parking restrictions in place.

But she realised something was wrong when she returned to Little Quay Street, Manchester, to find her vehicle pointing the other way.

Seconds later she spotted the freshly-painted lines - and was horrified to discover she had also been given a parking fine.

sally said: "I was absolutely astounded. I've been told they also hoisted a BMW and a Mini in an adjacent street, but I don't know if those cars got tickets as well.

"I parked up around 8.20am and cheked there were no restrictions. There were no road closures signs, no cones - nothing to suggest anything was about to happen in that road.

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