Thursday, July 22, 2010

Parking fine warning to drivers in Reading

BBC News Berkshire
20th July 2010
A council is set to fine drivers for parking on pavements and grass verges to make up for a drop in
fines income.
Reading Council said there had been a 17% fall in the number of parking tickets issued across the borough.

It has warned drivers that a controlled parking zone could be created which would give traffic wardens new powers to issue fines.

Drivers have also been warned that they could be obstructing emergency vehicles by "inconsiderate" parking.

Verges 'chewed'

There is expected to be an initial period when drivers parking illegally in areas including East Reading, Tilehurst, Emmer Green and Caversham, will be warned before fines are issued.

Richard Willis, lead councillor for transport and strategic planning, said: "The council incurs quite a bill every year for people parking on grass verges, chewing them up and destroying the grass.
"At the moment there isn't really any council power to enfoorce this, the police have a limited power if someone has parked on the pavement but generally don't enforce it.

"What we have looked to do is to introduce a controlled parking zone which would allow traffic wardens to issue tickets to people who are parking illegally on the pavement or verges."

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