Monday, November 15, 2010

BMF: Bike Parking - BMF Appeals for Appeal Funds

As the momentum grows and councils acrosss the country look to raise parking fines to London levels it is time for a full and frank debate on what the purpose of 'parking' enforcement is all about and where the role of traffic managament comes into the equation.

Thursday, 11, Nov 2010

The British Motorcyclists Federation is calling on all UK motorcyclists, no matter where they may live, to support the No To Bike Parking Tax campaign (NTBPT) against Westminster's on-street parking charges for motorcycles.

A strong supporter of the NTBPT campaign to overturn the parking charges imposed on motorcyclists by Westminster City Council, the bmf say that with a ruling last week that the High Court may have got it wrong in judging that the charges were legal, and with what was said to be 'a good prospect of success at the re-trial', now is the time to really get behind the campaign.

But with the Court of Appeal Hearing listed for mid-March, there is a desperate need for legal funding. The fund has already passed the £5,000 mark, but at least £20,000 will be required for the appeal case to be properly presented. Motorcyclists donating* the cost of a couple of gallons of petrol could make all the difference say the bmf.

The bmf's Government Relations Executive Chris Hodder, said: "Make no mistake about it, this is not just a London issue, the High Court ruling that Westminster's parking charges for motorcycles are legal could well signal the end of free parking for motorcyclists across the UK. That's why this case is important, that's why this funding is important, and without it we cannot succeed."

In order to maintain the protest's high profile, the latest in a series of protest rides is to be held on Sunday 5th December around London's North and South circular routes. To be known as the 'Ace to Ace - the North & South Circular Run', the fund-raising ride leaves the world famous Ace Café, North Circular, Stonebridge, at 10.30hrs and returns at around 16.00hrs.
Although all riders are welcome to join the protest, it is also hoped that whether they attend or not, motorcyclists can donate £10 each to the legal challenge fund.

Fund donations should be made to: 'NTBPT' SORT CODE: 40-02-35, A/C 11411047.

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