Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Ticketed motorist accuses council of unfair treatment

Very laudable by the council not to contest the decision due to the fact that they had not received the information from the DfT in time. They state:
"we decided not to contest the appeal while we fully confirmed that the signage is legitimate."

Such information, the use of non-prescribed signs, would require Special Authorisation from the Secretary of State for Transport. Let us hope that the council has now received this information to 'fully confirm' that their signage is legitimate.

This is Devon
By Emma Pearcy
23rd September 2010
A Teignmouth woman who successfully contested a parking ticket has accused highways and enforcment authorities of treating drivers unfairly.

Sheila Robinson claims a parking enforcment zone in the resort's Somerset Place is poorly signed.

But Teignbridge Council, which carries out enforcement action on behalf of Devon County Council, vociferously denied her claims saying it is signed properly and she 'got off' on a technicality.

The council says the area has always been correctly signed but confirmation from the Department of Transport did not arrive in time for Mrs Robinson's appeal.

Mrs Robinson successfully contested a ticket slapped on her car in Somerset Place in January.
She said: " A lot of people are not aware the area is part of the parking enforcement zone.
"I saw the signs warning motorists it's a parking enforcement zone are not in the right place.
"If you miss one there is nothing else to warn you that you are in a parking enforcement zone.
"I challenged the ticket because there was nothing to show me, as a law-abiding citizen, that it was an enforcement zone.
"Any logical thinking person would think they are not doing anything wrong."

Her appeal, against Teignbridge Council and Devon County Council as highways authority, was completed earlier this month after nine months and her ticket was cancelled.

She said: "There was no doubt in my mind I would succeed in my appeal."

A Teignbridge Council spokesman said: "This area is correctly signed, but an administrative issue meant we did not have the paperwork from the Department of Transport confirming its legitimacy to hand at the time of the appeal.

"Rather than spend taxpayers' money chasing this up within the short time frame allowed by an appeal, we decided not to contest the appeal while we fully confirmed that the signage is legitimate.
"On-street parking legislation is set by Devon County Council and enforced by Teignbridge Council on their behalf.
"The cost of the service, including dealing with challenges, is covered by the county council as part of a set service agreement, so appeals do not increase the cost of the service to the public. "While we appreciate a parking ticket is never welcome, the regulations are there for everyone's benefit. Any driver choosing to break the rules risks a ticket."

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Peter said...

And any Local Authority breaking the law, rules and regulations, also face their comeupance.
If I have to take care in where I park and whether or not I am in breach of the rules, then officers of local authorities who put these measures in place, should also take more care in what they do.

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