Sunday, September 16, 2007

Hackney Council letter 'blames' Metric Martyrs and Neil Herron

This is the letter that was handed round Ridley Road market, Hackney by Hackney Council officers in mid May 2007 after the announcement from the European Commission which led to the front page headlines in the Express and the Mail that imperial measures have been saved.
What do you think?
A proper use of public money to target an individual?

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Anonymous said...

God, what a crock! Metric nation my a***. I still have to convert cm to inches and km to miles for distances/speeds etc to make sense.

As for the council handing these out, I wish I could say it was shocking but as the UK and most of its' public institutions are so s**t now it sadly comes as no surprise. How depressing.

I hear Canada and Australia are very nice.

PS: If pint glasses now have to have the CE instead of the crown I'll be sticking to the shorts in future!

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