Sunday, September 16, 2007

Hackney Trading Standards Officers seize imperial scales

Two Trading Standards Officers believed to be Russell Fielding and Audrey Lee from Hackney Council Trading Standards Department in the company of PC Andy Stafford.

It is quite disturbing that paid public officials could be dressed in such a casual fashion whilst conducting official business.
A report on the events of Thursday 13th September 2007 will follow.


Anonymous said...

What price English Democracy!

Anonymous said...

This behaviour by the people's republic of hackney is as appalling as it is incomprehensible. As any EU flag waving socialist council should know Mr Verheugen (their boss) has ruled this confiscation to be unconstitutional by their own standards! As I am not a Hackney or London resident I have nobody to complain to. What should we (the people) do in this situation/

Anonymous said...

I look forward to the prosecution of these people, and the PC a reprimand for failing to arrest them for theft.

Anonymous said...

This action demonstrates the appalling vindictiveness of the small-minded bigots on Hackney Council. Voters take note: the Christian Peoples Alliance had their candidates elected to council in the Newham Borough elections in May 2007, overturning 70 years of Labour rule. At the next London Borough elections, there will be CPA candidates standing in all London boroughs - MAKE SURE THE FOOLS OF HACKNEY LIVE TO REGRET THEIR STUPIDITY!

Anonymous said...

Their dress exactly matches their actions and is entirely appropriate. They are paid thugs stealing honest men's 'tools of the trade' and are thus enemies of the people. As for the PC PC they became tools of the state long ago

Steven Cruple

Anonymous said...

As a retired Met Police Officer it makes me sick to witness the depths to which such a once great force has mined.
I'd have thought that a law suit should be brought against these named individuals from Hackney for maliscious prosecution. If these jumped up pen pushing scum suddenly found that it was their personal assets , not those of the council tax payers,on the block, it may send a message out that the British people will no longer put up with this Marxist oppression.

Good luck


Anonymous said...

How nice to see that Britain is finally getting rid of it's antique units of measurement, and joining the civilized, metric World at last. Perhaps these scales will end up in museums, where they belong. Too bad that nothing similar is likely to happen in the US in our lifetime!

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