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Cheshire Police forced to take down EU Flag...Another People's No Campaign Victory

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Christopher Booker's Notebook
20th November 2005

'Ring of stars' equal to Union Jack

Last month I reported how Wear Valley council had been forced to haul down an EU flag outside its offices. Legally this ranks as an "outdoor advertisement" and to fly it without planning permission is therefore illegal. Noting a "ring of stars" flag outside the headquarters of Cheshire police, a reader, Barry Jones, wrote to the chief constable asking whether he had permission. When his letter was ignored, he wrote again, mentioning that his letter would be sent to this column.
The police have now told him that the flag has been removed. Meanwhile the Government has announced that it is to rush through an amendment to the law. As from next year, the EU flag will be given the same status as the UK's own national flags. Our councils, police and anyone else will be free to fly it whenever they wish.

To see copies of Barry's communications with the force simply scroll down:

EU Flag at Cheshire Constabulary Headquarters
To Herron, Booker and Cooper

Success! I can confirm that the EU flag no longer flies outside Cheshire Constabulary Police Headquarters!

It is amazing, I wrote the initial letter on 3 October 2005 following the article in the Sunday Telegraph and when no reply was forthcoming I sent a chaser on 28 October 2005 cc'd to Christopher Booker. Almost immediately I received an acknowledgment card to say my letter had been passed to the Estates Department. Then, on 4 November 2005, I received an e-mail from David Burgham to say that both my letters had been passed to him 'yesterday, Thursday 3rd November 2005'. Copies of both the e-mail and the confirmatory letter are attached. The cynic in me says that the Cheshire Constabulary sat on my
original letter hoping nothing further would come of it. The fact the chaser was copied to Christopher Booker probably made them realise I was serious!

The Constabulary now has a flag pole that is usually unused, although it was good to see that over the Remembrance weekend just passed, the 'proper' Union Flag was flown. It does in fact have three flag poles, but now only two are used now, to fly the St. George's flag and the Cheshire County (or Constabulary) flag.

Regards and best wishes

Barry Jones

Dear Mr Jones
Both your letters were passed to me yesterday Thursday 3rd November 2005. I thank you for bringing this matter to our attention. I contacted ValeRoyal Council and they confirmed this afternoon that you are correct andthe flying of the European Flag at Cheshire Constabulary Headquarters,Winsford. does require planning permission. The flag has now been taken down.Once again thank you for bring this matter to our attention. I have sent you a letter confirming this email.
Yours sincerely
David Burgham
Senior Admin Officer

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