Tuesday, December 20, 2005

EU Flag

Strange how that "Common Market" which we joined has now mutated into a "territorial entity". "Neil Herron has an almighty cheek", "ragtag and bobtail army of Europhobes", "narrow-minded and jingoistic episode" - sounds like Neil has upset him.

Northern Echo
Tuesday 20th December, 05

SHAME on Wear Valley District Council for surrendering to the campaign of Neil Herron and Jim Tague to prevent the EU flag flying at the council offices (Echo, Dec 14).
Just as we live in England so we live in the EU - why shouldn't the flags of the two territorial entities fly side by side?
And Neil Herron has an almighty cheek in praising the council for not succumbing to "political pressure" to fly the EU flag.
How exactly does that differ from the pressure that he and his ragtag and bobtail army of Europhobes have applied to the council? He also claims that as a result of his action, Wear Valley's aspiration to become the best district council in England has taken "a massive leap forward".
Perhaps he could let us know how this whole narrow-minded and jingoistic episode has advanced that cause even one iota?
- Robin Brooks, Barningham, North Yorkshire.

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