Thursday, January 26, 2006

Another Victory: Carlisle City Council quashes ticket

You may recall that we spoke last year about a PCN issued against me by Carlisle City Council.
I made my representations, as per your template letter, and they have told me that they are cancelling the PCN and Notice to Owner!!
I had also pointed out, along with the Bill of Rights argument, that the photo of my car (taken as evidence of the parking contravention) showed me at the wheel (this is because I took the ticket off the warden and got into the car then he took the photo - I didn't tell them that!)
The Appeals Panel has apparently decided that my car "was not stationary when the PCN was issued".
They say that is the reason they are cancelling the ticket. They also say they reject the Bill of Rights argument.
This makes me laugh - do they really believe that one of their own wardens issued a PCN against a moving car???!
I have written to the Council asking them to confirm that they are taking disciplinary action against this rogue warden, who jumps onto moving cars to issue tickets.

Incidentally, the Council also failed to comply with a request I made under the FoIA for a copy of the PCN. I reported them to the Information Commissioner (useless quango) and broke their 100% compliance record.
It gives me great satisfaction to hang these jumped up functionaries by their own rules and regulations!
If I can be of any help with the campaign - ie by releasing information on my case, please let me know.
Best wishes

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Anonymous said...

Well done David, keep hitting them, they will give in

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