Friday, January 20, 2006

Are the rats preparing to leave the Sunderland Titanic?

Is the ship going down?

The internal investigation conducted by Assistant Treasurer, Paul Davies is scathing, especially of the Development and Regeneration Directorate led by Phil Barrett and the Solicitor's Department with Bob Rayner at the head.

A council insider reveals that Phil Barrett, Director of Development and Regeneration is in talks with an old acquaintance at ONE (One North East) the regional development agency.

There are rumours that others are considering early retirement.

What is becoming apparent that there has been full departmental failure on all levels. More is to be revealed as the scope of the investigation broadens.

The contractor, NCP, previously has used the excuse ... "We were only doing what the Council told us to do" are now going to come under the spotlight. More to be revealed soon.

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