Friday, January 20, 2006

NCP Mole reveals fear amongst Parking Attendants

Pulling up outside a newsagent opposite the Chesters pub other night and briefly parking on a double yellow to run in and pick up the Sunderland Echo (and causing no obstruction) I caught glimpse of a Parking Attendant in the rear view mirror some 50 yards away.
I saw him pull out his radio and disappear up the backlane.
Paper collected and in the car he appeared in front after coming from the blind side.
I turned the engine off and made a quick phone call as he appeared at the driver's window.
"You are parked on a double yellow line," he told me.
"You have no Traffic Orders and are acting illegally," I replied.
He began, reluctantly, to write a ticket. Another call came in from my son asking to be picked up from school. Sadly I had to drive away before he had chance to place the ticket on the windscree.
However, there is more to this little story.
As well as my former NCP Parking Attendant contact, I now have another two who are starting to leak information from within the organisation.
Apparently my code name is now 'Citizen Smith.'
The radio conversation in this instance would have made amusing listening.
"His car (Citizen Smith's) is parked on Chester Road. What do I do?"
"Just issue as normal."
"Do I have to? Can no-one else come up and do it?"

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