Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Sandwell Council Parking Office takes the pee

Thirty four weeks pregnant, Lisa McDonnell called the No Campaign hotline to relate this tale.

Driving through Sandwell, heavily pregnant, felt the call of nature. Conscious of the fact that there are limited public conveniences across the borough she spotted a pub. In desperation, and due to lack of parking places, she parked briefly in a disabled bay, and rushed into the pub.
Minutes later she returned to find that she had been given a Penalty Charge Notice.

Feeling that this was rather unjust to be fined £60 for such a piddling matter she contacted the Council Parking Services Department and related the details hoping that they would use their discretion to take account of the mitigating circumstances and cancel the ticket.

No such luck. She was told, "You chose to get pregnant so pay the ticket."

In desperation she rang us. The story will be running tomorrow in the local press and on the Adrian Goldberg Breakfast Show on BBC Radio West Midlands.

Please keep the calls coming. We will assist wherever able.

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