Monday, August 13, 2007

Drivers lose the plot overnight in Derby

Well, that can be the only explanation for the tenfold increase in revenue from parking fines can't it?

Or could it be that since they went 'decriminalised' last year and were allowed to keep the revenue raised that a different attitude has prevailed.

May I take an opportunity to warn Derby's businesses ... you will be presecuted and your customers will be driven away while your council uses this latest stealth tax to fill their financial black holes.

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Anonymous said...

clamping is illegal in scotland
and for good reason , it is sen as extortion and theft.we did nt need it before and it must be made illegal in england where the thugs and thieves are given a licence to behaveas such . write to your mp and home office , they do take notice if enough of the public say stop the misery and distress it causes, there are many effective parking restriction methods available as it use to be - chains with padlocks , barriers with remote control , bollards , parking attendants , immovable objects etc etc

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