Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Should I stay or should I go? Watch out for the almighty 'Clash'

This has been forwarded by Les of Parking Rip-Off.

Another set of cameras. Another series of fines. When will this madness end?

There seems to be no end to the misery Ken Livingstone is willing to inflict on the population, in order to generate cash.

The latest is a proposal that is so illogical, so unreasonable and so dangerous that it could only have come from someone who has never passed a driving test, who does not have any practical knowledge of driving and cannot drive a motor vehicle, or as I recently learnt, is also unable to ride a bicycle (the BBC offered to pay for Livingstone to have cycle lessons if they could record the sessions, but he declined).

If this proposal goes ahead to fine motorists £120 when they stop in the advanced green box for cycles at traffic lights, all drivers will be presented with a panic 'no-win' situation at every set of traffic lights. When the traffic lights turn to amber for a very brief period before red, a motorist will either have to slam their brakes on hard to avoid entering the advanced area, or accelerate hard to get over the distant line to the other side before the light turns red. Neither of these options are safe and could result in a massive increase in accidents, injuries and possibly deaths at traffic light junctions - it will be nightmare.

Those of us who can realise the obvious danger may want to contact their MP.

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