Monday, June 22, 2009

Motorists are about to bite back ... as predicted.

...and as they prepare to do so more evidence is coming in from council officers and parking enforcement personnel detailing what can only be described as unlawful activity. We can accept people making mistakes ... but as soon as that mistake is spotted and covered up to allow unlawful enforcement to continue then that is when it becomes criminal.

We understand that a number of Police forces are going to be forced to initiate criminal investigations once evidence is placed before them.

Refunds to come in Camden, Kingston, Harrow and Merton for motorists who have been penalised with unlawful PCNs.

All of this was forecast in the last Tonight Special we did following the introduction of the 2004 Traffic Management Act on 31st March 2008. All the councils who have thought that they were above the law need to think again.

Whistleblowers ... keep the information coming.

On the unlawful credit card charges issued by the four London Boroughs named above ... it is understood that London Council's Nick Lester has reminded councils that they must not levy such charges. It follows that if such charges are unlawful then, according to Mr. Lester

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