Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Croydon Council parking team caught breaking rule they were enforcing

How many more councils have to be exposed before someone takes action?
There needs to be a change in the legislation to have an independent watchdog with powers to censure and fine local authorities where necessary to prevent this licensed mugging!

This is Croydon
Croydon Council parking team caught breaking rule they were enforcing
Saturday, May 16, 2009

Council parking spies have been blasted as hypocrites for breaking the very rules they were supposed to be enforcing.
A car with a CCTV camera attached to the roof parked on double yellow lines - to try and catch drivers illegally parked on double yellow lines.
The Croydon Council Smart car was caught in central Croydon by shopkeeper Praduman Bhimjiani.
His photographic evidence prompted the council's parking chief to brand the behaviour "unacceptable".

Councillor Phil Thomas explained that council staff were undertaking surveillance work after complaints from a bus company that people were parking on double yellow lines in the road, making it difficult for buses to manoeuvre around them.

He said: "We will investigate the complaint that we were doing it illegally."
But he admitted the evidence appeared damning and added: "We've got to hold our hands up."

Mr Bhimjiani runs NN Confectioners, in Park Street, where the picture was taken - and where he himself was given two parking tickets in January.
The 55-year-old, from Ellesmere Drive, Sanderstead said: "We get a lot of hassle from these people.
"It's not fair on the public really because it's just generating revenue for the council.
"It's also hypocritical. They shouldn't be parking on a double yellow line."

Mr Bhimjiani believes the council should not be excused from breaking the rules.
"If the law is for everybody they should get the penalty as well," he said.

Cllr Thomas confirmed the CCTV car had been in Park Street at around 10.30am last Wednesday (May 6) when the photo was taken.
He added: "It's not acceptable for our staff to be parking on double yellow lines when we ask the public not to do it themselves."


Alan Brunwin said...

croydon are a law unto themselves they break the law no one says anything. Why? are the law not for all of us. I run a blog called Cowboycouncils against this Croydon law unto themselves but fleese everyone else yours sincerely Alan brunwin poetry site

Anonymous said...

they are the most Crooked Council Ihave every come across. Parking yes a law for them and fleese inocent driver in parking scams fines wwww.cowboycouncils.blogspot.com/

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