Thursday, June 11, 2009

Camden Parking Refunds ......

BBC News reports 'Many Parking Fines 'unlawful' '

Builder Richard Chaumeton states:
"Camden Council are behaving like the Sherriff of Nottingham"

Looks like the motorsists now have their own Robin Hood.

The question is now 'Will Camden Council do the decent thing and refund everyone who has been fined unlawfully?'

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Anonymous said...

Shame them on the public website fix my street they are even doing it to blue badge holders, outside Royal Free with note on windscreen. Then saying don't do it again after wasting days of time causing more health issues so not economic . . And the Equalities person on Royal Free board does not even reply . Is it a PA not telling her on a remit? If hospital doesn't want Blue Badge holders to drive, it should operate discretion in their favour not take side of sole corporate director. Where are we ? In a fascist state?

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