Thursday, July 09, 2009

'Anti-scrap' scheme auctions untaxed cars

Motoring News
Thousands of cars seized for tax evasion are to be auctioned rather than scrapped, under a scheme beginning this week.
Following an eight-month trial,
Newport Auctions in south Wales won the contract to hold a fortnightly sale of around 150 of the most valuable seized cars. The first auction was held on Tuesday 7 July, with prospective buyers able to bid in person and online.
The scheme provides an alternative to the Government's cash-for-bangers' programme, which allows motorists who own a car or small van that is more than ten years old to scrap the vehicle in return for a �2,000 discount on a new purchase.

Previously, more than 100,000 untaxed vehicles were crushed on behalf of the Driver Vehicle and Licensing Agency (DVLA) every year. The new scheme could reduce that number by around 4%.
Managing director for Newport Auctions, Jon Collingbourne, said: "The current car scrappage scheme is all well and good for those who can afford it, but many people just want a comparatively new, good quality, clean, tidy motor. Well, that about sums up 90% of the stock that we will auction."
Untaxed vehicles are seized on behalf of the DVLA by NSL Services Group, formerly NCP Services.

Commenting on the new auction, NSL's head of communications Tim Cowen said there was no excuse for failing to tax a vehicle.
"Some of the untaxed vehicles we seize are very good cars, and we are very pleased to be working with Newport Auctions to help make these available to law-abiding drivers," he added.

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