Thursday, July 02, 2009

More errors more refunds. This time £20m and another speed camera issue

Sloppy practice and failure to follow the law. Yet another example, this time reported by the BBC and the Daily Mail. How many have lost their licences, lost their jobs?
The solution is simple ... more Police Officers in vehicles stopping speeding motorists and ensuring the matter ends up in court with proper evidence rather than stealth taxing the motorist.

£20m speed fines 'void' after police error
Andrew Levy and Ray Massey,
Daily Mail 25th June 2009

'Error' over speed camera notices
BBC Report 25th June 2009
A police force is investigating possible procedural errors in motoring cases dating back more than two years.
Essex Police is looking at section 20 notices it has issued since March 2007 - they summon motorists to court for speeding and red-light offences.
A national newspaper claims thousands of speed camera convictions could be overturned because of the error.
The paper claims it could cost the police more than £1m in refunds.
An Essex Police spokeswoman said: "We are currently looking into whether there is an issue with the section 20 notices we have served.
"It should be stressed that even if this does prove to be an issue it would only affect a proportion of cases where the person went to magistrates' court since March 2007.
"It would not affect the vast majority of the cases the bureau deals with, including fixed penalty notices or taking part in the driver improvement scheme, rider improvement scheme or speed awareness course."
On Thursday night, police refused to make any further comment.

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Anonymous said...

my hubby lost his job, we also lost our Home because of this, he is now also in a Phsyciatric Hospital, can we get Compensation for this Illegal state of affairs, He would be looking at a couple of £ Million?

does it help that my Brother is the Lord Chief Justice?


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